About the fest

IMPETUS is our National level technical Extravaganza started in the year 2001. For eighteen years now, it has been serving as a platform for the students to showcase their skills and share their views. It brings together the brilliant minds, whose direction of thought has been streamlined by extensive knowledge, to compete in an arena marked by fight for creativity, excellence and innovation. Held on an inter-collegiate level, this fest sees a footfall of over 1000 students every year. IMPETUS is a technical fest designed for a change and with vivid difference.

Every year this fest goes out with a message for engineers. Over the years, various versions of IMPETUS have focused at spreading environmental awareness, promoting women empowerment, assessing effect of IT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Importance of research and development and with the previous version being centred to Automation- The Next Dimension. The fest has always had a diverse participation from all over the country.



Techfusion: Redefining Possibilities

Techfusion involves a transformation of core technologies through a combination process facilitated by technological advances such as the phone and the Internet, which ensure that labs are no longer isolated. This results in profitable advances that can be made cheaply by combining knowledge from different fields, companies, industries, and geographies. The technological fusion is distinguished from the so-called breakthrough approach, which is the linear technological development that replaces an older generation of technology through its focus on combining existing technologies into hybrid products that can revolutionize markets. With that as our inspiration, we here at IEEE UVCE, invite you all this march to IMPETUS 19.0 to join us in the process where we put "TECHFUSION-REDEFINING POSSIBILTIES", which opens up all the new dimensions in making the human life easier and helps in widening the areas of our expertise by reaching out to new horizons.